Communal TV Systems London

Communal systems provide a TV signal to every room or property within a building without the need for multiple satellite dishes or digital TV aerials. We are the London specialists. If you are a business, school, hospital, hotel or other commercial premises, we can install, maintain and repair your communal TV system.

Aerial Direct( London) has 18 years experience in installing and maintaining communal TV systems for clients across London.Our trained and accredited engineers can design, install and maintain a system suitable for your business or organisation and we know our rates will surprise you. So, for a free quotation, and to find out how we can help you, call us today on 07593 817203, or keep reading to learn more about communal TV systems and why we are your local experts.

The Main Communal TV Systems London We Provide

IRS – Integrated Reception System

Do you have a large building with multiple televisions? Perhaps you own or manage a hotel, an apartment block or an office building, or you may run or look after a student accommodation block?

An Integrated Reception System is ideal for all these locations. It will distribute services such as Sky Digital, Freeview or digital radio to a range of viewing locations simultaneously via a single drop cable.

We will conduct a survey of your premises to make sure you get the right system. We will plan carefully to make sure that signal levels are maintained throughout your building, and we will use the latest testing equipment and guidelines when we design and commission a communal TV system London for you.

SMATV – Satellite Master Antenna Television Systems

If you are looking to distribute up to 30 channels from either Sky Digital or Freeview to multiple televisions, a SMATV system may be right for you. It’s the perfect system for a hotel, care home, hospital, prison or school.

The system uses a Multibox to convert six digital channels to high quality analogue television signals. These signals can then be fed to the SMATV distribution system, and if you need more channels, we can just add additional boxes to your system.

MATV - Master Antenna Television Systems

A MATV system lets you provide terrestrial digital TV and radio to multiple occupied dwellings.  While this system cannot distribute satellite channels, it is a cost-effective way of supplying your residents with independent digital channels, such as the Freeview channels.

We Will Install The Right Communal TV System for You

With 18 years experience, our job is to install the right communal TV system London for you. We will come and meet you, discuss your needs and provide you with a written estimate of cost. We will design and install a system designed specifically for your needs and we shall back this up with a guarantee and lifetime telephone support.

We do not think you will get this same level of professionalism, expertise and experience from any other company. That’s why hundreds of customers use Aerials Direct (London) for their communal TV needs every year. Join them by calling us on 07593 817203 or using our contact form.